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bnrailfan: Pro boards changed something within their coding that others have reported that effects hyperlinks from box.com. It won't load links so just highlighting the link and right click, select copy and in the address bar, right click and paste then hit enter Apr 7, 2020 15:34:40 GMT -5 *
MCDemuth: ProBoards has been changing several things in their software over the last couple of months... I couldn't completely access any forums for two months until now... I know they also have gone from HTTP to HTTPS. Apr 15, 2020 20:47:58 GMT -5
bnsf777: Great to see this site still running. Apr 29, 2020 14:28:52 GMT -5
sd402: Very amazed it's still going. Aug 7, 2020 21:02:26 GMT -5
NorCalBoy: Its looks nice bnrailfan, nice job! Jan 26, 2021 21:34:32 GMT -5